Li-Ft Tattoo Removal & Lightening

Have you had a permanent cosmetic treatment that has gone wrong? Maybe you were left with uneven brows or an undesired shape. Over they years  if not done correctly brows can become over saturated with pigment or even change colour, leaving you with red, grey or blue brows. I can often correct these brows using a colour correction treatment but in some cases if the brows are uneven or over saturated then removal/lightening is the only option. I often see discoloured or over saturated brows.  I offer a safe and effective removal treatment that is completely natural. Li-Ft is a new revolutionary product that is taking the tattoo/removal industry by storm. Why? Li-ft is completely natural made from salt, saline, aloe vera and fruit seed extract.

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If you have had previous permanent makeup that you are not happy with and would like it removed then a consultation can be carried out at Richenda’s clinic in Milton Keynes. Emergency removal can also be carried out within 48 hours of any work that you have had done that you want removed.

All tattoo removal treatments require a patch test 48 hours before your appointment. You must be over 18 and not pregnant, breastfeeding or on any type of blood thinning medication to receive this treatment. If you have any questions, or queries about the process or the possible results, make sure to contact me today and I’ll be happy to talk through the whole procedure.

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