Its pretty safe to say that Lip Blush is my favourite permanent makeup treatment and that is saying something as i LOVE all of the treatments I offer here at Permanent Makeup by Richenda. So what makes Lip Blush so special? Lip Blush is known by a few different names. Lip tattoo, lip blushing, lipstick tattoo, they are all the same thing. Over time our lip colour can lose colour especially around the lip boarder. This can make the lips look smaller than what they actually are. To restore your natural lip shape I start by drawing on your lip shape using a lip pencil. This creates a template for me to follow. I only go on your lip skin so that the shape remains natural and unique to you, although I can make some small adjustments. Once you are happy with the shape, using my machine and a tiny needle, I outline the lips and then fill the rest by depositing tiny pixels of pigment into the lip skin. This treatment is super pretty and very effective. Lip Blush restores your natural lip shape and adds colour to give you the perfect pout 24/7.

Below are some of the most common questions I get asked about my Lip Blush treatment.

What colour should I pick? There are a few different factors that go into choosing the right colour for you. Your personal preference, your own lip colour and what it is you would like to achieve from your lip blush treatment. I will discuss these with you during your consultation or at the start or your treatment. I am able to match colours to a favourite lip stick shade. Colours will look a bit bold and bright straight after the treatment but will soften within a few days and once healed the colour lightens by around 40%.

Does Lip Blush hurt? NO! I like my clients to be comfortable and relaxed when receiving any treatment by myself. I have sourced and learned the most effective techniques and creams to make sure your treatment is pain free. I have even had clients fall asleep during the treatment.

How long do they take to heal? Straight after your Lip Blush treatment there will be some swelling which will subside within a few hours. Your lips heal really quickly and will have healed within 5 to 7 days. The colour will continue to develop over the following weeks.

What is the Lip Blush aftercare? After care is very straight forward. Avoid salty or spice foods for 24 hours so as not to aggravate your lips. Drink any fluids through a straw for 3 days. Keep them dry for 2 weeks. So no swimming etc. You are supplied with some special balm to apply to your lips to keep them moisturised. All instructions will be included in your aftercare pack.

Can I have lip blush if i have had lip filler? Absolutely! In fact they both really compliment each other. As our lips expand from the filler the skin of the lips can stretch and become pale. Lip blush is the perfect partner in crime.

How long does it take? From when you walk into my clinic to when you leave it will be roughly 3 hours. Before you panic and think i will be tattooing you that whole time, this is not the case. 3 hours includes, consultation forms, numbing, drawing, pigment selections etc Please always allow enough time for your Lip Blush treatment.

How much does your Lip Blush treatment cost? My Lip Blush treatment is £300, this includes your consultation, 6 week top up and aftercare pack.

How long does Lip Blush Last? After you have had your treatment and 6 week top up it is completely up to you when you would like your colour boost. Most clients book around the 18 month mark. Over time the colour will fade from your lips so a colour boost will help keep the colour and shape looking good.

Do i need to return for a top up session? 100% yes! Your top up is included in you treatment price. Your top up session allows me to take a look at how well the pigment has healed. Some clients only need a small top up and other clients may need more pigment adding. Everyones bodies retain pigment differently so for best possible results a 6 to 8 week top up is needed.

What is your availability and how do I book? You can book your appointment by clicking the book button in the bottom right or each page or on my price list page. You will be able to see my availability when you book.

I am a little bit nervous can i come in and speak to you before I book? Absolutely! Please feel free to book a consolation with me. My clinic is based in Central Milton Keynes and i am happy to talk your through the treatment and answer any questions you may have. I also offer video consultations for clients if they find it hard to get child cover or live further away.